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YAPC::Europe 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark, 13th to 15th August 2008


YAPC::Europe (Yet Another Perl Conference, European edition) is the biggest annual Perl event in Europe. Since 2000, local Perl user groups have organized this non-profit event in different European cities. This time the Copenhagen Perl Mongers (Copenhagen.pm) were selected for 2008's European YAPC, which will take place on 13th-15th August 2008, at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

YAPC conferences are usually attended by 200 to 400 Perl developers from all over the world. This year in Copenhagen, over 50 speakers will offer a multitude of talks on various Perl-related themes in four parallel session over three days. During the conference there is an intense and informal exchange of ideas between the attendees. Besides Perl, a lot of general software development topics like Testing, Agile Methods, Unicode, Project Management, Version Control, Object-Oriented Programming and much more are discussed.

At YAPC::Europe 2008 we plan to host Hackathons, which are moderated workshops with a specific topic, where experienced users and newbies can get together and improve parts of the featured project,step through some project internals, or just plain share their experiences.

More information on the YAPC::Europe 2008 can be found at http://www.yapceurope2008.org.

YAPC is a grassroots-organized conference with very inexpensive attendance fees (around 100 Euros for three days of conference, including lunch and an attendees dinner).

YAPC::Europe 2008 has invited international Perl luminaries like Larry Wall, Damian Conway, Jonathan Worthington and Patrick Michaud to Copenhagen and we hope that by bringing these people together the Perl development can benefit from our conference.

A few of the organizing team have been allowed to spend time on the conference organization by their respective employers, but most are doing this work in their own spare time. No member of the organizer team will get paid by the conference for their work.

Any proceeds from the conference will be donated back into the Perl and Open Source community, including The Perl Foundation, YAPC Europe Foundation, and the danish Foreningen Fri Software.

Why sponsor YAPC::Europe?

Even though the conference is planned and realised by the Perl community itself, sponsoring by local and international organisations and companies is vital.

Sponsoring YAPC::Europe is one way to say "Thank you" to the Perl community, which provides high-quality and unique products (Perl itself, CPAN, frameworks and tools) for free.

You could fund travel costs of other renowned members of the Perl community you would like to meet.

YAPC::Europe brings together the know-how of Europe's leading Perl developers.

YAPC::Europe offers the possibility to entertain discussions with other developers working in similar or different industries.

YAPC::Europe offers the possibility to present your own ideas to more than 300 top-class developers from all over Europe.

What can you sponsor?

We would appreciate 'unlabelled' donations, but if you feel you would like to sponsor particular items, we are looking for sponsors for following:

If you want to donate items like:

we will be happy to accept.

Sponsorship Packages

Our sponsors are of course free to choose the form and amount of the sponsorship, but here are a few 'packages' for your inspiration.

The listed prices are approximations based on our budget.

Please contact us for details.

What can we offer you?

We can offer presentation of information materials:

The conference website will live on after the conference. It will be the repository for presentation material and slides, and any audio and video recordings of the sessions. This is a web site that conference attendees and other interested developers will keep coming back to, and in this way, your presence on the web site will receive even more exposure.

Exhibition and Job Fair

Exhibition space will be available all day during the last day of the conference, for sponsors and exhibitors to promote themselves. Space will be available in the foyer and in the main hall for both manned and unmanned promotional stands.

This will provide key sponsors with the opportunity to appear in person at the conference, to either promote their products and services or be used as a recruitment venture. Exhibitors will also include notable Open Source Software projects and initiatives, with a view to providing a worthwhile experience for attendees by providing a full spectrum view of the industry.

Your company can get the unique opportunity to meet over 300 Perl developers at one single spot. The job fair package includes:


If you have any question or want to sponsor YAPC::Europe 2008 in Copenhagen, please send e-mail to email.

We will get back to you as soon as possible!

with kind regards

Copenhagen Perl Mongers