Lets set a few hours aside to get a few of the DBI and DBD driver developers together and get some code written.

So far I know two other DBD writers who will be coming so it is a good opportunity

We can do a number of things

1) get the spec for DBI 2 out
2) write a pure perl 'scrollable cursor' mod for DBI
3) help each other get our code working the way we want.

Will not be a Q&A session it will be a work session to create some beautiful perl.

We could get #2 working, tested and then out for a lightning talk on the second last day?

A good challenge to us DBD deadheads.

So far it just looks like we need a time. Merijn will be there as I perhaps http://www.yapceurope2008.org/ye2008/user/263 Gabor as well a few more we do not know know where yet

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