Getting About In Copenhagen

All buses, trains and metros in Copenhagen use the same fare system and the same tickets.

It is all based on a "zone-system". The city and the area around it is divided into approx 100 zones. To calculate your fare, you have to know how many zones you travel through.

Find the number of zones is easyest by using Rejseplanen - the travel scheduler - it will suggest how to get from A to B fastest, and can calculate the price.

Movia (the regional bus- and train-company) has pages in English describing the system.

If you want to sightsee outside the city centre, you will probably need a 24-hour ticket for the greater Copenhagen area - it costs 115 kr (approx €15).

For getting around in the city a blue 'klippekort' (125 kr/€17 for 10 'klip') should suffice. Stick it in one of the machines at the start of your journey - it is valid for one hour for an unlimited number of travels.

tip from the locals

Check out copenhagen from the harbourside. Don't just jump into an official sightseeing tourboat. Take the "havnebus" (harbour bus) which is much cheaper - just use your klippekort.


Copenhagen City Centre Bus Map
Byens Net Guide

Unlimited travel for 3 days

Buy CPH Card for ~ E60. It will not only give you free travel on all trains-busses-metros, but make free attendance of most museums, and give discounts for a lot of tours (e.g. ship tours around CPH).

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