Smørrebrød: Eat smørrebrød and lots of it. This is dark rye bread that you can top with liver paté, salt meat and gravy for special occations. For daily occations, meat or boiled egg with mayonaise and some vegetables will do.

Pølsevognen: As an inbetween snack, go for a Danish hotdog in a pølsevogn. Ask for one "med det hele", which means "with everything". And everything means: a (red) sausage in white bread with ketchup, mustard, sweet mustard, spicy mustard, remoulade (a blend mainly consisting of mayonaise with pickless), roasted onions, raw onion and gherkins. It tastes great, and your breath smells exactly like you ate all those things for the rest of the evening.

Inexpensive turkish/mediterranean food -


Vinstue 90 on Gamel Kongvej near the conference venue. Sells "slow beer", uncarbonated Carlsberg that takes 15 minutes to pour. Recommended by Peter Edwards (‎peterdragon‎)

Nyhavn is packed with by-water cafees

The Globe - an irish pub, place of the pre-conf meeting

For the beer, Cafe Langebro is nice

Cafe Langebro
Islands Brygge 1 B
2300 København S

It is somewhat close to Hotel Centrum and the Metro station is not far away

Cafe Svejk Smallegade 31 (not far from the venue) is a really worn down bar. But they serve great Czech beer from tap, has nice outdoor seating, is close to Frederiksberg Have and has a good vibe.


Places in central Copenhagen(in danish)

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