Room Sharing

There is a Viking Ship sailing into Roskilde, near Copenhagen on the weekend before the conference, as such many people appear to have booked holidays to coincide with the conference itself.

This means that many hotels are running out of rooms, so it may be advisable for people to double up and room share. Several of the hotels have twin rooms available (two single beds), and it can also be more cost effective, as shared costs are less than the price of a single room. If you're happy to share, add your name below in the appropriate section, preferably with some form of contact address, so others can contact you.

Once you have teamed up with someone, don't forget to remove yourself from the list.

Have A Room

If you have already booked a room with multiple beds, add yourself below:

Need A Room

If you haven't booked anywhere, and are looking for someone else willing to share, add yourself below:

# * Your Name <Your Contact Address>

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