The Vertical Metre of Beer Party

As detailed in his infamous "Barely Legal XXX Perl" talk, Jos Boumans won a "vertical metre of beer" (cartons/crates/slabs of beer, piled 1 metre high) for cracking Adam Kennedy's challenge in the POD documentation of Acme::BadExample.

Since YAPC::EU 2008 marks the first YAPC Adam and Jos have been in the same place at the same time, it is Adam's intention to purchase and award the beer to Jos.

This, of course, means that the beer will need to be consumed. And since there's rather a lot, Jos will need some help with that.


Currently we are aiming for the second night of the conference, Thursday 14th.

Exact time unknown at this point, and the date MIGHT still move, but at a guess we'll start around an hour after the end of the lightning talks.


Unknown, and we could use your help with that...

Can you think of anywhere where 50+ people could get rowdy and drunk on beer we bring ourself for several hours? Adam would also STRONGLY prefer not to have to pay for a venue, since he's already paying for the beer.

<suggestions here>

We have talked to the Globe and they have room for us they have even moved their football watching crowd into the basement.

The Globe
Nørregade 43
1165 København K

Party Rules

The brand and type of beer is to be selected by the awardee, and paid for by the awarder.

The awarder should make arrangements for the beer to be provided at the party, and to be at a drinkable temperature and state.

Following the tradition started by, whenever an award-related beer is consumed, the consumer of said beer is required to stand and toast the award winner.

A toast must be made for each and every beer consumed, by the consumer.

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