YAPC::EU::2009 Venue Teaser.

Montage: Alberto Simões.

This movie was recorded by Ovid and his brother, supporting Lisbon proposal to host YAPC::EU::2009.

Featuring: Curtis "Ovid" Poe and brother.

Montage: Curtis "Ovid" Poe.

This movie was presented to YEF venue committee during voting process, as a way of showing organizers commitment on performing the best communication possible about the event.

Featuring: Abigail, Gabor Szabo, Patrick Michaud, brian d foy, Alberto Simões, Adam Kennedy, Allison Randal, JT Smith, José Castro and Ingy dõt Net.

Montage: brian d foy.

This teaser was made available during YEF call for venue proposals. If Lisbon was not chosen, the teaser would be used for Adam Kennedy project Perl on a Stick.

Featuring: José Castro, Abigail, Ingy dõt Net, Adam Kennedy and brian d foy.

Montage: brian d foy.