About YAPC::EU::2009 Logo


The t-shirt for the next YAPC::EU celebrates YAPC's second year in Portugal. Each attendee gets to wear a representation of the Portuguese flag, which will be the best shirt ever given out at a conference. The shirt will include a Perly version of the Portuguese coat of arms, replacing the five "quinas" with the five sigils of Perl ($, @, %, &, *), and the seven "castles" with camels. While wearing this shirt, don't be surprised if the locals think you're supporting the national football team (they made it to the quarterfinals of Euro 2008 during the Portuguese Perl Workshop), or if tourists think you speak Portuguese. You may like this YAPC::EU shirt so much that you don't want to wear it, but feel free to buy an extra one so you don't miss out on the glamour and spectacle of the next Lisbon Perl event.

brian d foy