Catch Me If You Can: Sugary exception handling with

Catch Me If You Can: Sugary exception handling with

By Ash Berlin (‎Ash‎) from
Date: Wednesday, 5 August 2009 10:20
Duration: 20 minutes
Target audience: Technical Perl
Tags: catch devel::declare exception try

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

Exception handling in perl is currenlty far from perfect. eval leaves a lot to be desired. Lots of darkpan code is rife with pottential code that could interfere with $@

TryCatch (on CPAN now) fixes this through the magic of Devel::Declare.

Breifly address what's wrong with eval, what I/we'd like, and then finally how it was done using Devel::Declare

Attended by: Éric Cholet (‎echo‎), Tiago Pedroso, Maroš Kollár (‎maros‎), Laurent Dami (‎dami‎), Léon Brocard (‎acme‎), Chia-liang Kao (‎clkao‎), Abe Timmerman (‎abeltje‎), osfameron, Enrique Nell (‎e-nell‎), Casiano Rodriguez-Leon (‎casiano‎), Flavio Poletti (‎polettix‎), Peter Stoehr, Martin Schipany (‎ElCondor‎), Andrew Ford, Tobias Henoeckl (‎hoeni‎), Damon Davison (‎allolex‎), Elizabeth Mattijsen (‎liz‎), Piers Cawley (‎pdcawley‎), Florian Ragwitz (‎rafl‎), Damian Conway (‎damian‎), Aristotle, Bartosz Jakubski (‎migo‎), Peter Makholm (‎brother‎), Markus Förster, Drew Taylor (‎drewbie‎), Jan Henning Thorsen (‎batman‎), Thomas Heine, Alex Kapranoff (‎kappa‎), Bogdan Lucaciu (‎zamolxes‎), Steffen Schwigon (‎renormalist‎), David Faux, Ulrich Wisser (‎wisser‎), Jozef Kutej (‎jozef‎), Rosellyne Worrall (‎rozallin‎), Mark Morgan, Jose Neta (‎jpn‎), oleber, Vincent Pit (‎vincent‎), Cosimo Streppone (‎cosimo‎), Darius Jokilehto, Christian Westgaard (‎ComLock‎), Henrik Hald Nørgaard, James Laver (‎jjl‎), Jacinta Richardson (‎jarich‎), Luis Rodrigues (‎goblin‎), Frederico Martins, Adrian Arnautu, Markus Wichmann (‎telemorphix‎), Marcos Ramos (‎x‎), Jose Plana, Daan Baldewijns, Jose L. Hernandez, Oskari Ojala (‎Okko‎), Marcelo Rodrigues (‎marcelo‎),