Catching a ::Std - Standardisation and best practices in the perl community

Catching a ::Std - Standardisation and best practices in the perl community

By Matt S Trout (‎mst‎) from,,,
Date: Wednesday, 5 August 2009 14:55
Duration: 40 minutes
Target audience: Corporate Perl
Tags: best epo perl perl5 practice standards

There's More Than One Way To Do It!

But this year, one is more popular than another.

Next year, that may have changed.

And sometimes there's more than one way but most of them are wrong.

And consistency can be a good thing too.

This talk takes an irreverent, high speed look at emergent, emerged and
obsoleted standards in perl, and talks about how we need to think in order
to transition between them, and to code for the ages (or at least the
maintenance programmer). Touching on the view from a web framework maintainer,
the Enlightened Perl extended core project and other efforts, Matt tries to
explain why standards are good, why we already have them, and why most perl
programmers still haven't actually noticed that.

Attended by: Anders Nielsen (‎anielsen‎), Alex Kapranoff (‎kappa‎), Stan Sawa, osfameron, James Laver (‎jjl‎), Luís Mendes (‎big‎), Henrik Hald Nørgaard, Alexandru Nedelcu, Bogdan Lucaciu (‎zamolxes‎), Markus Förster, Petru Ratiu (‎rpetre‎), Adrian Arnautu, Michele Beltrame (‎arthas‎), JJ Allen, Lars Holgaard, Hugo Costa, Wolfgang Radke, Vincent Pit (‎vincent‎), Darius Jokilehto, Drew Taylor (‎drewbie‎), Jan Henning Thorsen (‎batman‎), Troels Liebe Bentsen (‎tlbdk‎), Tobias Henoeckl (‎hoeni‎), David Leadbeater (‎dg‎), Cosmin Budrica (‎cosmincx‎), Rui Patinha (‎rfp‎), Michael Kröll (‎pepl‎), Andrew Beech, Elizabeth Cholet (‎zrusilla‎), Edmund von der Burg (‎evdb‎), Thomas Heine, Maciej Czekay (‎Bruno‎), Yusuke Kawasaki (‎kawanet‎), Steffen Schwigon (‎renormalist‎), Mário Barbosa, MartijnVdS, Abe Timmerman (‎abeltje‎), Peter Stoehr, Lutz Gehlen, Emmanuel Rodriguez (‎potyl‎), Sérgio Bernardino (‎smpb‎), Nicolas Mendoza (‎nicomen‎), Cosimo Streppone (‎cosimo‎),