Unix for Perl programmers: pipes and processes

Unix for Perl programmers: pipes and processes

By Aaron Crane (‎arc‎) from Edinburgh.pm, London.pm
Date: Wednesday, 5 August 2009 09:10
Duration: 20 minutes
Target audience: Technical Perl
Tags: pipe process unix

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Perl’s great at making easy things easy — hiding unnecessary complexity. Naturally, that applies to Unix programming, so that, for example, capturing the output from a shell command is trivial.

Unfortunately, you sometimes find yourself in a situation where Perl’s standard facilities aren’t quite enough. For example, what if you want to run multiple processes in parallel? What if you need to both pipe input to a process and capture its output?

Perl also makes hard things possible: it gives you unfettered access to Unix’s low-level APIs for dealing with these things — as long as you know how to use them.

This talk discusses how to use those low-level bits of Unix from your Perl programs, taking a cookbook-style approach to show how to use them for getting real work done.

Attended by: Andrew Shitov (‎ash‎), Dave Cross (‎davorg‎), Peter Stoehr, Martin Schipany (‎ElCondor‎), Damon Davison (‎allolex‎), Pedro Melo (‎melo‎), David H. Adler (‎dha‎), Armando Reis (‎AReis‎), Marcos Garcia (‎gulden‎), Marco Ramos (‎mramos‎), Markus Wichmann (‎telemorphix‎), Joel Bernstein (‎joel‎), Jordi Porta, Dirk De Nijs (‎ddn123456‎), Jose Neta (‎jpn‎), Roberto Henríquez, Jozef Kutej (‎jozef‎), Marcos Ramos (‎x‎), Olivier Mengué (‎dolmen‎), Sérgio Bernardino (‎smpb‎), Jorge Morgado, Mark Stewart, Jörg Plate (‎Patterner‎), Rafael Antonio (‎RA‎), Rafael Porres Molina, Marco Neves (‎themage‎), Abe Timmerman (‎abeltje‎), Jorge Bras, Stelios Gikas (‎sgikas‎), Aristotle, Stefan Hornburg (‎racke‎), Frederico Martins, Sergio Arias, Henrik Hald Nørgaard, Jordi Delgado (‎jdelgado‎), Beatriz Nombela Escobar, Ricardo Marques (‎ricmarques‎), Darius Jokilehto, Adrian Arnautu, Tiago Grego, Cosmin Budrica (‎cosmincx‎), Manuel Gomes (‎wagemage‎), Troels Liebe Bentsen (‎tlbdk‎), Rui Patinha (‎rfp‎), Luís Mendes (‎big‎), Jose Plana, Bartosz Jakubski (‎migo‎), Søren Lund (‎slu‎), Diogo Antunes, MartijnVdS, Smylers, Carlos Pires (‎acmpires‎), BinGOs,