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Q: I don't know much Perl. Is this the right conference for me?

A: Yes. One of the four conference tracks is Beginning Perl, with lots of talks on choosing the right data structure, understanding Regular Expressions, using modules, working with databases, creating reusable code, code editors, etc. Check the schedule for more information.

Q: The theme of the conference is "Corporate Perl". Does this mean it's going to be a suits conference?

A: Not in a million years. The conference theme refers to the subject we're going to explore this year: Perl in the Corporate world - who uses it, why and how. You just dress up as you always do.

Q: I'm bound to a wheelchair. Will I be able to attend the talks?

A: Yes. The venue is a public institution, and it abides by Portuguese law, which states that it must be accessible to people with disabilities. The building has lifts and the rooms have wheelchair ramps on the sides. You'll be able to move everywhere.

Q: Are there going to be conference proceedings?

A: As a matter of fact, yes. We're working on that.

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