The Job Fair takes place on the morning of the second day of the conference.

If you're a company:

  • Reach the organizers at organizers at yapceurope2009 dot org to find how you can get a booth at the Job Fair;
  • Once you have your spot at the Job Fair booked, feel free to bring gadgets and other merchandising to attract the geeks.

If you're looking for a new job or interested in what these companies are doing:

  • Bring your resume;
  • Approach the companies and either talk to them or let them talk to you.

There's no strings attached at the Job Fair. You should feel free to talk to the companies even if you're not looking for a new job.

They're there to talk to you and tell you what they're doing. They know that even if you're not interested now you might become interested later on, or have an acquaintance that might be looking for a new job.

Companies already commited to the Job Fair: SAPO PrimeIT

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