Organise A YAPC BOF

The YAPC Perl Conferences are a chance for users, developers and interested parties to meet and learn lots of cool new stuff. However, it doesn't happen without a local team to organise the event.

This BOF is for anyone who plans to bid to host a YAPC::Europe, and wants to know more. Members of the YEF Venue Committee will available during the conference, and hopefully will be at the BOF too, to help answer any questions you might have.

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About 30 minutes. The plan is to do this prior to the Conference Evening Dinner, so that we can then have follow-up discussions during the dinner itself.

BOF organiser

Barbie - YEF Venue Committee member, and current liaison for conference organisers. I also have a vested interested, as I'm writing a book to help with bidding, planning and organising a YAPC.


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