Tourists on Thursday

The Alif finishes serving breakfast at 10am. So if you want to meet up with other people to be a tourist in a group on Thursday meet on the 9th floor of the Alif at 10am as breakfast ends and we will come up with a plan for the day.

Bull Fight

There is a BullFight Thursday night at 22:15 at the Campo Pequeno around the corner from the Hotel Alif. social meeting

On the evening of August 6th (Thursday, the day after YAPC), both the and groups will be holding their respective monthly social meetings.
The difference this time is that a considerable portion of the regulars will be in Lisbon, and thus we decided to host the meeting together.
Other groups have also expressed interest in joining this social meeting, and everyone's invited.
The point of meeting will be the Irish Pub by the Expo98 area, in Lisbon. The surrounding area has a wide variety of pubs so that anyone can also try different things, and there are also several restaurants, which means you can have dinner right before the meeting (the Irish Pub also serves food).
It's in walking distance to the Oriente subway. We'll meet at ~21:30.

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