We'll have a selection of paid courses for those interested.

How to get to the classes

The classes take place in building C8 (it's really close to building C3, and they had the wonderful idea of printing the names of the buildings in really
large letters on top of each of them).

See below which room each class is held on. For example, a room 8.2.17 means building 8, floor 2, room 17.

There's a security guard on the building's main entrance who's responsible for letting us in; organizers will be present.

A map of the venue is available at VenueLocation.


Each two day course will cost 220 euros.

  • Course: Introductory Perl
  • Trainer: Dave Cross
  • Room: 8.2.19, building C8
  • Dates: August 1st and 2nd
  • Course: Mastering Perl
  • Trainer: brian d foy
  • Room: 8.2.19, building C8
  • Dates: August 6th and 7th

To register to any of these courses, select "make additional purchases" from your profile.

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