Date Confirmation, Call for Workshops, First Sponsors, Travel Tips and more

Newsletter for January 8, 2009
Greetings, and welcome to the second YAPC::EU::2009 newsletter.

In this issue:

  • the confirmation of the dates
  • workshops
  • our first sponsors
  • the wiki starts to roll
  • travel tips and information
  • calling the press - media sponsors

Let's get down to it:

The confirmation of the dates

As many of you will have noticed, the dates have been officially confirmed. It's now on paper, there's no way back.
August the 3rd to the 5th, 2009, we'll all be together at this great Perl conference, listening to wonderful talks, learning a lot from each others and having a lot of fun.
While we can't confirm it yet, chances are that the two days after the conference will also include optional activities, namely training sessions and a hackathon. We're starting to work on that, but keep in mind that if you're interested in those, you might want to stay for the two extra days.


We're planning to have a room for workshops during the three days.
If there's a subject you'd like to give/attend a workshop on, let us know.
The workshops will probably run for half a day or a full day each.
More details as we get them.

First sponsors aboard

For this kind of event, where you can attend for such a small fee (we know we haven't announced the registration fee yet, but it should be below the 100€ mark), sponsors are very, very important, and that is why we are so happy to announce the first sponsors on board.


SAPO, Portugal's major ISP and Web Search Engine, has agreed from day 1 to sponsor YAPC::EU::2009. In fact, it was in day -1. Before we even sent the proposal to organize the conference, SAPO came forward with their support, for which we're very much appreciated.


It's always a pleasure to have O'Reilly on board with YAPC, and this year won't be any different. There will be books at the (silent) auction and an O'Reilly stand in the hall will allow the attendees to buy the books you're looking for.

Active State

Active State will be supporting our conference once again. We already know there will be some Active State licenses to be auctioned at the event, so stay tuned for that.


The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon has agreed to sponsor us by cutting 25% off of the price of the venue. This makes an enormous difference to the conference budget, and we're very happy about it.


logicLAB, a Danish company, is also supporting us, and they are also making a huge difference to the budget.


TAP is the official carrier for YAPC::EU::2009. This means attendees flying to the conference with TAP can get discounts of 10% in economy class, and of 20% in executive class. Yay. Details on the discounts in the section "travel tips and information" in this newsletter (scroll down).

$foo magazine

$foo magazine is the first of our media sponsors to join up. We'll have a full size add on their next issue, and one of their reporters should be at the event, after which we hope they'll have a story published about it.

o3 magazine

The Open Source Enterprise Magazine is also a media sponsor to our event. We'll have a full size add on their next issue too. We don't know yet if we'll have one of their reporters at the event, but we're hoping we do.


Once again, Apress is sponsoring YAPC::EU, and there will also be some Apress books on the auction.

The wiki starts to roll

And the Wiki has started to roll!
(Thank you, Barbie!)

Barbie has arranged the Wiki a bit, creating a bunch of pages that are always needed.
You can, for instance, add you name to the travelling party from your city (see Travel Teams, under For those of you who don't know, being part of a travelling team doesn't mean you all have to fly together. It simply means you all share part of the itinerary, and thus, some of you may have relevant information for others.

Some travel tips and information

TAP is the official carrier for YAPC::EU::2009. We're very happy about it, as this will mean cheaper flight tickets for many of you.
The instruction on how to get the discounts TAP is offering us is available at

Calling the press - media sponsors

We're looking for more (and talking to some potential) media sponsors (and regular sponsors too, of course), so if you know someone at a tech magazine that can help us, let us know.
We're not only looking for Perl-related publications. We feel that sysadmin/DBA/Open Source/etc magazines can be great places to advertise the conference.
Media sponsors get their logo on our website, our public thanks, and a free regular entry to the conference.

Feel free to contact us at for anything
conference related.

See you at the next newsletter,
the organizers

In our next newsletter:

  • call for papers
  • more information on the venue
  • more travel tips and information
  • information on the partner's program
  • and more

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