Over 300 attendees,World.pm social meeting, Sponsors and more

Newsletter for July 25, 2009
Greetings, and welcome to the nineth YAPC::EU::2009 newsletter.

In this issue:

  • current stats
  • World.pm social meeting
  • more sponsors
  • next announcements

Getting down to it.

Current stats

308 confirmed attendees and counting.

World.pm social meeting

On the evening of August 6th (Thursday, the day after YAPC), both the Lisbon.pm and London.pm groups will be holding their respective monthly social meetings.
The difference this time is that a considerable portion of the London.pm regulars will be in Lisbon, and thus we decided to host the meeting together.
Other groups have also expressed interest in joining this World.pm social meeting, and everyone's invited.
The point of meeting will be the Irish Pub by the Expo98 area, in Lisbon. The surrounding area has a wide variety of pubs so that anyone can also try different things, and there are also several restaurants, which means you can have dinner right before the meeting (the Irish Pub also serves food).
It's in walking distance to the Oriente subway. We'll meet at ~21:30.

Further sponsors

To the ranks of Booking.com, SAPO, logicLAB, Shadowcat Systems, Eurotux, log, Caixa Mágica, Best Practical, FCUL, Active State, TAP, O'Reilly, Apress, Onyx Neon Press, $foo magazine, The Perl Review and o3 magazine, the following now also get on board:

PrimeIT - http://www.primeit.pt/

PrimeIT is a large consulting company based in Portugal; among other technologies, they have a team working solely with Perl. PrimeIT will also be present at the Job Fair.

Last newsletter // what's next

This is the last newsletter before YAPC.
From now on we'll be in touch through the conferences mailing list, Twitter, and the Wiki, among others, making smaller and more regular announcements.
Speaking of the Wiki, we're preparing pages with the following information:

  • from the airport to the hotels
  • using the subway in Lisbon
  • using Taxis in Portugal
  • using the bus in Lisbon
  • places to eat in Lisbon
  • events going on in Lisbon during YAPC::EU week

If there's more information apart from this that you feel would be useful, send us an email and we'll try to put it together for you too.

That's all for this newsletter; there's now less than two weeks until YAPC::EU takes place.
For anything conference related, feel free to contact us at organizers@yapceurope2009.org.
See you very, very soon,
the organizers

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