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Copenhagen has lots of hotels in all price ranges. We're working with a couple of them to get some conference discounts, but in the mean time, below are some suggestions. For who is planning to stay where, please see the WhoIsStayingWhere page.

Note: Many hotels are listed in the area around Tivoli Gardens, which although near the central train station, is not on the Metro line between the airport and the venue. Going from the central train station to the Metro line, you need to change trains at Nørreport station. Alternatively, it's a 10 minute walk from the central train station to Nørreport.

As hotels are running out of rooms, it may be advisable for people to double up and room share. Several of the hotels have twin rooms available (two single beds), and it can also be more cost effective, as shared costs are less than the price of a single room. If you're happy to share, add your name to the RoomShare page, so others can contact you.

Cheap Hotels (1 star)

Hotel Euroglobe

Low-cost hotel, one Metro stop from the conference venue.

Address: Niels Ebbesens Vej 20, DK-1911 Frederiksberg C. (map)
Getting from here to the venue : Journey Planner

WARNING They do not accept credit cards (not even Dankort). Pay cash in either Danish kroner or Euros.

Mid-Priced Hotels (2-3 stars)

CABINN Scandinavia

It seems a bunch of people from have chosen this hotel. It's one Metro stop away from the conference venue.

Address: Vodroffsvej 55, DK-1900 Frederiksberg (map)
Web: danish, english
Getting from here to the venue : Journey Planner

The was a small conference discount promotion code, but that has ended.

Comfort Hotel Europa

Address: Colbjørnsensgade 5-11, DK-1652 Copenhagen
Getting from here to the venue: Journey Planner

Three stars, very close to the central station.

Luxury Hotels (4-5 stars)

Radisson SAS Falconer Hotel

Very expensive four-star hotel, but it's only about 100m from the venue.

Address: Falkoner Alle 9, DK-2000 Copenhagen F (map)

WARNING: Several hotel search sites list this as fully booked.


Danhostel Copenhagen City

Nice newly-built youth hostel in the center of town.

Address: H.C. Andersens Boulevard 50, DK-1553 København V (map)
Getting from here to the venue : Journey Planner

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