Birds Of A Feather (BOFs) sessions

BOFs are gatherings of interested people, who wish to discuss projects, topics, etc. as a more informal group. These are typically held after the main session of talks at the end of the day or during lunch. Feel free to organise or suggest a BOF and add details here.

Note when planning a BOF, nearer the conference or during the event, please update your BOF page with details of when and were you plan to meet. The organisers will help with suggestions of areas/rooms you can hold your BOF, but you'll need to promote it to get people involved.

We would also love to see some hackathons and we support the organization of these at the conference, so if you would like to participate in organize a hackathon please list it below.

Planned BOFs

BOF Schedule

| Time/Room | 2.07 | 2.08 | 2.13 |
| Wednesday 17:30 |CPANTesters| |CPAN::Mini::Webserver|
| Thursday 17:30 |PerlIDE |TAPCharter| |
| Friday 17:30 | | | |

Suggested Hackathons

BOFs You'd Like To See

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