Remote Controlled Volunteers

Remote Controlled Volunteers

By Karen Pauley from
Date: Tuesday, 4 August 2009 11:15
Duration: 20 minutes
Target audience: Corporate Perl
Tags: management volunteers

Most of you weren't forced to come to YAPC by your boss, and most of you aren't paid to contribute to Perl or other Open Source projects. As volunteers you can choose to join in. But if you don't like it, you can easily choose to leave.

All teams and projects need some sort of management, and good management isn't easy. If your team members are distributed around the world, with different languages and cultures, it's even harder. Make them volunteers and it may become almost impossible to stay productive.

In this talk I will describe the common problems, tell you how to avoid them, and explain what to do when everything goes wrong.

Attended by: Andrew Shitov (‎ash‎), Jonathan Worthington (‎jnthn‎), Nicholas Clark, Patrick Michaud (‎Pm‎), Léon Brocard (‎acme‎), Thomas Klausner (‎domm‎), Martin Schipany (‎ElCondor‎), Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ 迪拉斯 (‎daxim‎), Dave Cross (‎davorg‎), Laurent Dami (‎dami‎), Barbie, Damian Conway (‎damian‎), Renee Bäcker (‎reneeb‎), Jesse Vincent, Gabor Szabo (‎szabgab‎), MartijnVdS, David H. Adler (‎dha‎), Casiano Rodriguez-Leon (‎casiano‎), Joaquín Ferrero (‎explorer‎), Roberto Henríquez, Giuseppe Maxia (‎gmax‎), Jordi Porta, Bernhard Schmalhofer (‎bernhard‎), Marcel Grünauer (‎Marcel‎), Jozef Kutej (‎jozef‎), Bálint Szilakszi (‎szbalint‎), Luis Motta Campos (‎LMC‎), Oliver Thieke (‎o-thieke‎), Thierry Douez (‎tdz‎), Salve J. Nilsen (‎sjn‎), JJ Allen, Enrique Nell (‎e-nell‎), Nicolas Mendoza (‎nicomen‎), Solli Honorio (‎shonorio‎), Alex Kapranoff (‎kappa‎), Salvador Fandiño (‎salva‎), Vincent Pit (‎vincent‎), Wendy Van Dijk (‎woolfy‎), Michael Kröll (‎pepl‎), Rafaël Garcia-Suarez (‎rgs‎), Wolfgang Radke, Chisel Wright, jani, Markus Förster, Alexandru Nedelcu, Lech Baczyński (‎lechu‎), Jacinta Richardson (‎jarich‎), Chia-liang Kao (‎clkao‎), Andre Luis, Smylers, Henrique Alves (‎Halves‎), Hermen Lesscher (‎hermen‎), Paul Fenwick (‎pjf‎), Lutz Gehlen, Jørgen Elgaard Larsen (‎elhaard‎), Andrew Beech, Herbert Breunung (‎lichtkind‎),