Perl 6 Roles In Depth

By Jonathan Worthington (‎jnthn‎) from
Date: Tuesday, 4 August 2009 14:45
Duration: 40 minutes
Target audience: Everyday Perl
Tags: mixins perl6 rakudo roles traits

By the time YAPC::Europe 2009 comes around, Rakudo Perl 6 will have a complete - or very close to complete - implementation of roles, a part of the object model focused on enabling software re-use.

I'll start off by giving a basic introduction to writing roles and composing them in to classes. Then we'll dive in to the juicy stuff:

* Parametric roles - how to get more re-use out of roles by parameterizing them with types and values
* The relationship between roles, sigils and typed data arrays and hashes
* Traits - roles applied at compile time to containers
* Runtime mix-ins - how to add extra behavior on a per-object basis and how to use this to provide context-sensitive return values

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