Below you'll find a list with some of the items available on the Live Auction.

The auction takes place on the last day of the conference, in the afternoon, on the main room.

(please check with the organizers before adding items to this page)


  • 3x poster (Franck)
  • 5x bacon gumballs
  • 2x YAPC::Asia T-shirts
  • 1x Moose Manuel signed by Larry Wall and Yuval Kogman

Work-out with Damian Conway at the next YAPC

Description: three morning work-outs with Damian during the next YAPC event that the winner and he both attend.


  • Apart from having Damian organizing our training and seeing Damian work out, which is an experience by itself, we also got to learn things like why are orangutans stronger then men, why are the muscles on our shoulders located where they are, and I learn that I'm a mesomorph, and all the implications that has when it comes to training -- José Castro (‎cog‎)
  • *whimper* -- Marty Pauley (‎maokt‎)

Note: we can no longer accept bids for anyone other than the bidder hirself, unless that person has agreed beforehand to being "volunteered".

Vincent Pit will help you with your first perl patch

So you'd like to submit a patch to perl and don't know where to start?

If you buy this item, Vincent will guide you through the task and you'll finally have successfully made a patch for perl.

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