Below you'll find the list of items available on the Silent Auction.

Go to the registration desk and you'll find the instructions there.

The silent auction will be closed by 18:00ish Wednesday.

(please check with the organizers before adding items to this page)



  • 5x Parrot Developer's Guide - PIR (Onyx Neon Press)
  • 1x The Definitive Guide to Catalyst (Apress)
  • 1x Web Design in a Nutshell (donated by previous buyer)
  • 3x YAPC Europe 2005 Proceedings (YAPC::EU::2005 orgas)
  • 1x Perl in a Nutshell
  • 1x Perl Cookbook
  • 2x Learning Perl, 5nd Edition
  • 1x Masterminds of Programming
  • 1x Perl Hacks
  • 1x Perl Template Toolkit
  • 1x The Art of Agile Progamming
  • 1x Programming Perl
  • 1x Perl Testing
  • 1x Mastering Perl
  • 1x Regular Expressions Cookbook
  • 1x The Geek Atlas
  • 2x Twitter Book
  • 1x Intermediate Perl
  • 1x Perl Best Practices
  • 1x Baby Animal Butts


  • 1x 3XL Polo 'The Perl Foundation'
  • 3x XXL 'YAPC::EU::2005' tshirts (YAPC::EU::2005 orgas)
  • 1x XL 'Komodo' men tshirt from Active State
  • 1x L 'Komodo' men tshirt from Active State
  • 1x L 'Komodo' women tshirt from Active State
  • ...


  • 2x 1 License (either Komodo IDE or Perl Dev Kit)
  • ...

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