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Taxi Vouchers

For those of you coming from abroad, the Taxi Voucher system may be the easiest way of getting a taxi to your hotel (but see also FromTheAirportToTheHotels).

These vouchers are pre-paid and have fixed prices.

Once you get to the Lisbon Airport, head to the Tourism stand (it's large, you won't miss it). There, you can buy a voucher for your destination. The price is calculated based on where you're going. Assuming you're traveling from the airport to one of the official hotels of the conference, the price should be 14,61 euros.

This means you'll only have to hand the voucher to the taxi driver, instead of paying the fare at the end (and thus you can say goodbye to any concerns of the driver taking you through a longer route to get more money, if you have any).

Basic Portuguese taxis information

This is what taxis look like, in Portugal:


You can also find taxis with the former colours (black taxis with green rooftops). They work the same way as the other ones (three pedals and so on).

There's a sign on top of the taxi. It contains:

  • A red number/letter indicating what kind of toll it's charging (number 1 is the usual, inside their local limits, daytime; number 2 is out of their local limits, daytime; number 3 is inside their limits, night-time; number 4, out of their limits, night-time; they also have one or more fees for long distance travel, but we're not sure how they signal those on the outside).
  • The word "Taxi".
  • Beneath that word, the area the taxi is assigned to. A taxi from Lisbon, for instance, can take passengers to other cities, but it cannot take passengers back (unless it's the same passenger and the same ride).
  • A green light. This is important. If you're trying to stop a taxi on the street, you should only do it with taxis that having the green light on, which means they're working. If the green light is off they're either with a passenger or not on duty.


If you're taking the taxi inside the city of Lisbon, a taxi should cost something between 10 and 15 euros, depending on where you're going. There's a different toll if you're riding the cab during night time or if the taxi has to leave the perimeter it's based in (Lisbon, for instance) to take you to your destination.

If you're taking a taxi for a long distance route, you can ask the driver how much he will charge you before you get in the taxi. The service is charged in kilometers, he checks his table to see how much it is (unless he knows it by heart) and tells you.

If you have luggage for the trunk, the ride costs 1,60 euros more (regardless of how many bags you have or how many people comprise your party).

If you called the taxi by phone, the ride costs 0,80 euros more.

If it's during the night or weekend, the driver can charge 20% more (this is really not usual, but it is legal).

Phone numbers

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