Where do I sign up?

Add your team to QuizzShowTeams and read the rules there.

What is it?

  • 16 teams of 2 players each
  • 4 rounds with 4 teams each
  • 1 winning team per round
  • 1 final round with the 4 finalists

What do rounds consist of?

  • Each team has a button in front of them
  • A question is asked
  • The first team to press the button tries to answer
  • If the team answers correctly, it gets 2 points
  • If the team fails to provide an acceptable answer or if no team presses the button after 10 seconds, 4 possible answers are shown; the 3 remaining teams (or 4, if no one pressed) use another pad to select their answer from the 4 possible ones; each team picking the right answer gets 1 point
  • Each round consists of 15 questions
  • The team with most points wins

What kind of questions will there be?

Anything's possible.

The questions are designed by geeks, for geeks.

Any other rules?

  • After pressing the button, the team has 10 seconds to answer; 10 seconds is also the deadline for picking one of the 4 possible options, when the situation arises
  • The Quizz Master is the person who decides whether an answer is correct; the Quizz Master's decision can only be disputed by successfully arm-wrestling him

Who is involved in the Quizz Show?

  • Damian Conway - The Quizz Master
  • João Pedro Gonçalves - The Man Behind the Scenes

What if there's a tie?

If there's a tie, a question and several possible answers are shown.

Each of the tied teams must select, in turn, one of the correct answers (for instance: "which of following does not compile in perl?").

The first team to pick a wrong answer loses.

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?

Add your team to QuizzShowTeams and read the rules there.

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