WiFi Configuration

We will be using the WiFi infrastructure from the University of Lisbon.
They configured us a special account to be used in the eduroam network.

Save this information and put it handy to help you configuring your laptop.

  • Network name (SSID): eduroam
  • Protocol with WPA/TKIP and PEAP
  • Username: yapc@fc.ul.pt
  • Password: yapceu2009

You can get more information visiting:

During the event you can consult that webpage connecting to ‘eduroam-guest’ wireless network.

Please add any comment below...

The above info might not be correct for all people...
Security: WPA / WPA2
Protocol / Authentication: Tunneled TLS (TTLS)
Inner Authentication: PAP
(this works for me, Wendy, on Linux Ubuntu, and the other settings do not work)

Although if you can read this it might not be helpful, here is a wpa_supplicant config snippet:



After having the cofiguration file:

$ wpa_supplicant -i <interface> -c <configuration_file>

you need to leave the wpa daemon running and then:

$ dhclient <interface>

Ubuntu Linux: WPA & WPA2 Enterprise, Tunneled TLS, Anonymous Identity: leave empty, CA: not needed, Inner Auth: PAP or MSCHAPv2, User name: yapc@fc.ul.pt, password: yapceu2009.

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