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YAPC::EU 2010 - The Renaissance of Perl



Call for Training Courses

As it happened in past YAPC editions, we’re planning to have one or more days devoted to training courses run by Perl experts. Our goal is to offer the Perl community a wide selection of tutorials and high quality courses.

How are trainings organized?

Duration is either half day (4 hours) or full day (8 hours).

Currently, August 3rd (the day before the conference) is reserved for trainings. Should there be demand, we plan to also use August 2nd. Coffee breaks and lunches will be provided by the YAPC organization throughout the day.

I am an instructor…

...why should I propose?

If you want/need to offset your travel expenses or raise some money or just have fun teaching Perl, you are welcome to apply for one of these trainings.

...how do I propose?

Contact us (yapc-info@perl.it) in order to propose and discuss details and “financial” options.

Please be sure to provide:

  • The title of your course
  • A one-sentence summary of your course
  • The price per student you think should be charged
  • The preferred dates on which you would be willing to give your course (August 2 or 3). We can’t guarantee the date will be the one you choose, but we’ll try to
  • A short biography for you and for any other instructor (if applicable)
  • The course length (half day or full day)
  • The intended audience and the prerequisites
  • Any supplies you will be providing to students
  • Any supplies you expect students to bring
  • A short course outline
  • A list of requirements for the venue (A/V and wireless internet are included, state if you need something else)
  • A URL giving the location of a course page that you maintain to provide additional information beyond the standard information we are collecting.
  • Full explanation regarding how you'd like to be paid, ie. if you are invoicing us or not, where you live, ... It is important for us to have this information early in order to configure financial aspects properly.

...which are the deadlines?

All proposals must be submitted by March 20th, 2010.

We will send acceptance notices by March 31st, 2010. We'll arrange days/rooms shortly after and then open the subscriptions.

...can you give me a hint on how to price my course?

In order to cover the food expenses, we need € 25 (including VAT) per student; to this, we have to add about € 150 (including VAT) for the rental of the structure, which should be spread over attendance fees. The rest will entirely be yours, so it’s your choice. We will say, however, that YAPC is intended to be a low-cost conference so trying to keep the cost below € 150 for a full-day course would be nice (which would actually mean € 180 for the attendee because of the 20% VAT). Feel free to charge more, if you think attendees are willing to pay more.

We will collect the money from attendees, keep the part needed to cover our expenses, and forward you the remaining part. Your payment will be subject to Italian taxation (30% of gross amount) unless you can invoice us (in such case, you’ll pay the taxes in your country).

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