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YAPC::EU 2010 - The Renaissance of Perl



Going Postal

Going Postal

By Chisel Wright from London.pm
Date: Friday, 6 August 2010 14:00
Duration: 20 minutes
Target audience: Intermediate
Language: English
Tags: activemq amq communication integration messaging

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

Learn more about the evolution of inter-system communication from direct database access to message-queue based solutions.

It's not a Holy Grail or Silver Bullet but might prevent people making mistakes already made by others on their behalf.

The journey starts with a quick tour of things we used to do and progresses through time ... ending with an overview of an almost-in-production Net::ActiveMQ.

No Aardvark were harmed in the making of this presentation.

Attended by: Bernhard Schmalhofer (‎bernhard‎), Aaron Crane (‎arc‎), Barbie, JJ Allen, Tom Hukins, Valerio Paolini (‎valdez‎), Poul Sørensen (‎poul‎), Søren Lund (‎slu‎), Markus Pinkert (‎Bedivere‎), Ferruccio Zamuner (‎ferz‎), Emanuele Zeppieri (‎emazep‎), Chisel Wright, BinGOs, Imre Saling (‎pelagic‎), Peter Makholm (‎brother‎), Alexander Hartmaier (‎abraxxa‎), Dave Rolsky (‎autarch‎), Daniel Brunkhorst, Joel Bernstein (‎joel‎), Clinton Gormley (‎DrTech‎), Edmund von der Burg (‎evdb‎), Steffen Schwigon (‎renormalist‎), David Faux, Marco Fontani (‎mfontani‎), Michael Jemmeson (‎michael‎), Mark Morgan, Maciej Czekay (‎Bruno‎), Michele Valzelli, lorenzo, fifi, Rafiq Gemmail (‎Raf‎), Alex Muntada (‎alexm‎), Squeeky, Andreas Vögele, Jose Luis Martinez, Giel Goudsmit, Fernando Santagata,

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