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YAPC Surveys

Two types of surveys are available to all attendees, while a third is available to those who have signed up to additional tutorials. All surveys require a keycode login, which will have been emailed to you before the conference. If you haven't received it, please check your email filters, and contact Barbie (barbie@cpan.org) if you cannot locate it.


Every attendee will have been sent an email from "Barbie on behalf of YAPC::Europe 2010", with a subject of "YAPC::Europe 2010 Surveys : Your Keycode". The email address sent from will either be 'barbie at birmingham.pm.org' or 'www-data at birmingham.pm.org'.

In this email you will find your personal URL keycode login, unique to you. This keycode automatically logs you into the website, so please keep it safe and private. Please do not pass it on to anyone else, as they'll be taking surveys on your behalf!

The URL will look like:

  • http://ye2010.yapc-surveys.org/key/<code>/<check digits>

If you have any problems, please find Barbie during the conference, or email barbie@cpan.org.

Survey Types

Talk Evaluations

Talk Evaluations are open to all, and are for each specific talk presentation of the conference. For 2010, the Lightning Talks will also feature in the list of talk evaluations. The evaluations for a talk will open as that talk takes place, and will remain open for several weeks until the deadline. Results will be sent to individual speakers only.

By default all responses are anonymous, though you can select to identify yourself to a speaker. If you do choose to identify yourself, the free text feedback fields will be tagged with your name and email address.

Tutorial Evaluations

Tutorial Evaluations are only open to those taking a particular course. Evaluations themselves are the same as Talk Evaluations and will be mailed to individual speakers only.

As per Talk Evaluations, by default all responses are anonymous, though you can select to identify yourself to a speaker. If you do choose to identify yourself, the free text feedback fields will be tagged with your name and email address.

YAPC Conference Survey

This is the core survey, which will be opened at the end of the conference, and will remain open for several weeks. If you choose not to take the Talk or Tutorial Evaluations, please do take the time to complete this one.


Results from the main survey will be published on the YAPC Conference Surveys website. Please take a look at the website to see the results of previous surveys.

Results of the Talk and Tutorial Evaluation surveys will NOT be made public, and will be sent to the respective speakers only. Note that all results sent to speakers will be anonymous, unless you explicitly identify yourself in the feedback.


  • When completing surveys, particularly Talk and Tutorial Evaluations, please remember that the speaker is looking for constructive criticism. Personal attacks and abusive comments will be deleted before being sent to any speaker. If there are things they got wrong or could do better, think how you would react on reading your comments if it was your talk.
  • Evaluations are also a chance to thank the speaker. If you got something particular out of their presentation, please say so. Speakers are also looking to see what aspects of the talk they got right too.
  • If you have suggestions to improve the questions, or to further questions that might be appropriate, please send all ideas to Barbie (barbie@cpan.org).
  • You can complete each talk survey at different times, no need to take one long session to complete all the evaluations for the talks you attended. As long as you use the keycode link each time to get to the front page, you can complete any surveys you haven't already completed at any time while the surveys are open.

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