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My One Hotel

It is possible to sleep at the venue, and information will be posted soon.

You'll be just an elevator ride away from the conference! Please note, however, that the hotel is not in the downtown, see map:


It's possible to reach Pisa city centre walking (Pisa is fairly small), although at dusk it could be not the most pleasant walk and a taxi may be preferable.

Shuttle buses from the city centre will be available for the conference and other events we do at the venue. The hotel has a shuttle for guests which runs to the nearby airport (not at night), where public transport is available.

Other hotels in Pisa

This section will be filled in soon.

Rental homes, other hotels & other accomodation options

If you're interested in an option not listed above, such as a rental home in the Tuscany countryside, please consider contacting one of the following agencies. They can also help with tours, restaurants and any other arrangement you might desire.

E-mail: info AT artissimoitalia DOT com
Phone: +39 050 9910464
Fax: +39 050 38350315
Our contact: Graziella
Spoken languages: Italian, English, French German

Entroterra Viaggi & Turismo
E-mail: contatti AT entroterraturismo DOT com
Phone: +39 0571 417175
Fax: +39 0571 843359
Mobile: +39 345 3149444
Our contacts: Paola and Cristiana
Spoken languages: Italian, English

Berlina Viaggi
E-mail: giovanni AT berlina DOT it
Telefono: +39 050 970259
Fax: +39 050 970194
Our contact: Giovanni
Spoken languages: Italian, English (e-mail preferred over phone contact for English)

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