IPW2011 newsletter #4 - Almost there!

31/08/11 17:24 by Michele Beltrame (‎arthas‎)

Welcome to the fourth Italian Perl Workshop 2011 newsletter! The workshop will happing on September 8th and 9th in Torino (Turin), Italy, at the Dipartimento di Informatica dell'Università di Torino (Department of Computer Science at Torino University).

The workshop will feature talks both in English and Italian language.


The schedule is now online:

Among the covered topics there are Moo, Data::Query, Perl 5.14 news, fractal cryptography in Perl, Perl on DragonflyBSD, ...

We'll also have some talks not strictly related to Perl, on topics such as Dojo Toolkit, PostgreSQL, Arduino programming with Davide Gombra of Torino FabLab.

Finally, there will be some talks (in English) by relevant Perl people such as Matt S. Trout, Damien Krotkine and Ingy döt Net.


The pre-conference meeting will be at Oro Birra pub, in Corso Regina Margherita (not far from the workshop and from Hotel Mercure Royal) on:

September 7th 2011 - starting at 19.00

A map is available here:


The attendees dinner will happen at In Vino Veritas on:

September 8th 2011 - at 20.00

A map is available here:

It's strongly suggested to purchase the dinner ticket (Eur 25 unless you're a sponsor or a guest) by September 7th. You can buy the ticket online:

It's possible to buy more than one ticket, one at a time.


We have agreements with two hotels, for more information see our Accommodation page:

Information on hostels and other accommodation is available on the wiki.


Subscriptions for the Perl base course (in Italian), by Stefano Rodighiero (author of Pocket Perl) are still open. The course will happen on September 7th, 2011, and is free to attend. Subscribe on the workshop web site or contact us at !

It's also possible to subscribe at the course directly, even though we would prefer advance booking in order to warrant a seat for everybody.


We have a new Gold sponsor, Smart Open Software. We're also happy to announce a couple of new supporters: Leader.It and Google. Further information is available here:

Un grazie a tutti quelli che ci supportano!


Torino is waiting for you! Take a look at the wiki on the workshop web site for information on things to see and museums:

There's the convenient musuems card:

or the Torino+Piemonte Card:


Here you can find some graphic material on the event:

* Workshop web site:

* Twitter feed:

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