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Newsletter #04 2010/05/28 - We meet again, Dr. Jones!

28/05/10 00:24 by peppe

Welcome to the fourth YAPC::EU::2010 newsletter!


In this issue:

  • Friends & Family Program
  • Accommodation
  • New Sponsors
  • Stats
  • Bits and Bolts

Friends & Family Program

Relatives and friends who come with you to Pisa most likely won't be happy to spend 3 days at the conference, nor to wander around Pisa on their lonesome. :-)

The Friends & Family Program is a great way to allow people travelling with you to visit Pisa and surroundings while you are at the YAPC.

We are organizing the following activities:

  • Pisa - August 4th (full day, 50 € / person)
  • Siena and San Gimignano - August 5th (full day, 122 € / person)
  • Visit to a pasta factory - August 6th (half day, 71 € / person)

If you book before May 30th, you get a special offer: a 10 EUR early bird discount! Moreover, children under 16 always get the early bird price. You can find all the activity details here: http://conferences.yapceurope.org/ye2010/friends_family_program.html.


We put several new accommodation options on our accommodation webpage, check them out: http://conferences.yapceurope.org/ye2010/accommodation.html. They're also available on our Pisa map: http://conferences.yapceurope.org/ye2010/map.html.

An important note for those willing to stay at the My One Hotel (yes, it's possible to sleep at the venue! :-)): rooms for YAPC attendees are still available, but you have to contact the hotel directly by email or phone (that is, *don't* use the website, since you won't find available rooms there). All contact details are on our accommodation page: http://conferences.yapceurope.org/ye2010/accommodation.html.

Shuttle buses will be provided from and to the venue for those staying in Pisa. Stay tuned for more info.

New Sponsors

After Booking.com, YAPC::Europe::2009, cPanel, Shadowcat Systems Ltd., YAPC::Europe Foundation, Smart Open Software, Italpro and Geoesse, we're glad to announce several new sponsors joined us!

Please welcome, as a brand new Gold sponsor:

  • 123people http://www.123people.it. 123people Aims to Help You Manage Your Ever-Expanding Online Footprint.

    123people is a real time people search service that looks into nearly every corner of the Web. Using our proprietary search algorithm, you can find comprehensive and centralised name related information consisting of images, videos, phone numbers, email addresses, social networking and Wikipedia profiles plus much more.

    All of this rich media content is pulled from an extensive list of international and regional relevant sources in over 11 countries in multiple languages.

    The 123people application is all Perl - built on Catalyst, DBIx::Class and plenty of magic.

We have many new Supporter sponsors!

  • GitHub http://github.com/. GitHub is a web-based hosting service for projects that use the Git version control system. Launched slightly over two years ago, GitHub now has over 241,000 coders with more than 785,000 repositories and according to the 2009 Git User's Survey is the most popular Git hosting site.

  • Lokku http://www.lokku.com/. The proud owner of Nestoria property search engine: launched in 2006, has since expanded to 4 more countries - Spain, Italy, Germany, and (most recently) Australia.

  • Apress http://www.apress.com/. Apress is a proud supporter of user group education and provides expert content to IT processionals, programmers and enthusiasts. We are committed to offering solutions for everyday problems and providing comprehensive coverage of topics that support your career development.

  • No Starch Press http://nostarch.com/. No Starch Press publishes the finest in geek entertainment, with a focus on open source/Linux, security, hacking, programming, and alternative operating systems.

We thank Regione Toscana and Comune di Pisa for supporting us with their patronage, proving once again their interest and commitment to spreading Free Software.


As of today, we have:

  • 68 days before YAPC::Europe 2010 (YMMV);
  • 157 registered people;
  • 23 committed users;
  • 36 submitted talks, for an overall duration of 23 hours and 40 minutes (target is 54 hours).

Bits and bolts

Some useful reminders:

Our sponsors


  • Booking.Com
  • YAPC::Europe 2009
  • cPanel


  • Shadowcat
  • 123 people
  • Venda
  • Dada


  • YAPC::Europe Foundation
  • Smart Open Software
  • MySQL
  • Exonetric
  • pair Networks


  • GitHub
  • Italpro
  • Geoesse
  • $foo Perl Magazin
  • Lokku
  • Apress
  • No Starch Press
  • O'Reilly Media

Media Partners

  • Linux Magazine


  • Regione Toscana
  • Comune di Pisa