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Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner

09/07/10 18:55 by peppe

In our last post about the dinner we've figured out that we forgot the most important thing: when is the dinner going to take place???

Therefore, here we go: the dinner is scheduled on August, 4th 2010. Yes, it's at the end of the very first day of YAPC::Europe. We believe that placing social events as early as possible will help people "break the ice" with other attendees, thus allowing them to enjoy the subsequent days even more.

We'll publish more news about the dinner soon. In the meanwhile, we have to ask you a little favour: since Act doesn't manage your dietary habits, could you please fill in this simple survey? This will greatly help us in organizing the dinner.

Thank you very much!

Update to add (Sat, 17 Jul 2010 19:09:09 +0200): the survey is now closed. Thank you for your answers :-)

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