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YAPC::EU 2010 - The Renaissance of Perl




Welcome to YAPC::EU Newbies!

22/07/10 22:51 by peppe

While we're getting ready for YAPC::EU in just a few weeks' time, we wanted to say hello not just to the old friends and familiar faces from previous conferences, but also to the many attendees for whom this will be their first YAPC, or possibly even the first Perl event they've attended!

Though some of you may be coming with colleagues or friends, if you don't know many people here, it can take a while to get into the swing of things, and get the most out of YAPC.

We've got some community leaders from some of the biggest groups present at the conference to say hello at the end of this email. If you're from Italy, UK, Germany, Austria, Spain, or Denmark (or just want to meet hackers from those countries) then please go and say hi to them, and they'll make sure to help you get started meeting people, and sorting out any problems.

Obviously, we'll all do our best to help everyone along. And feel free to mention to the organizers that it's your first YAPC when you're registering!

And don't forget:

  • the conference dinner is on the first night of the conference. This is the perfect opportunity to break the ice and make friends!
  • Look out for meetings and "BOF" (Birds of a Feather) sessions that interest you! These will be advertised at the opening session, and at the registration desk.


Ciao, e benvenuto a YAPC::Europe! La regola numero uno di YAPC::Europe è: non siate timidi! YAPC::Europe è un ottimo modo per conoscere gente nuova, allargare i propri orizzonti culturali, imparare i mille e uno trucchi delle regex e metter su quattro chili!

Durante la conferenza potete rivolgervi a uno qualunque degli organizzatori, quelli con la maglietta rossa, parlano tutti italiano e sapranno darvi qualche informazione e presentarvi a un po' di gente.

Qualche nome del nostro staff al quale potete fare riferimento:

  • Michele Beltrame (arthas)
  • Aldo Calpini (dada)
  • Hakim Cassimally (osfameron)
  • Gianni Ceccarelli (dakkar)
  • Giuseppe D'Angelo (peppe)
  • Marco Masetti (grubert)
  • Flavio Poletti (polettix)

Buon divertimento!


Hi there. As leader of London.pm I'll be very visible in orange and with a stuffed camel. Come talk to me and I'll introduce you to what's going on and help you to make the most of YAPC.

acme (Leon Brocard)

And don't forget the London.pm social meeting on Thursday!


Wenn du Kontakt zu anderen Perl-Programmierern suchst, sprich doch einfach einen deutschen Perl Monger an! Viele von uns sind in Pisa, und gerne bereit, dich anderen Leuten vorzustellen, dir weiter zu helfen, oder abends mal ein kuehles Getraenk zusammen zu vernichten. Wende dich an


Zum ersten Mal auf einer YAPC? Viele der Teilnehmer bisher nur virtuell getroffen? Auch bei dieser YAPC::EU sind einige Perl Mongers aus Österreich dabei, die “newbies” gerne zur Seite stehen, auch wenn es z.B. nur darum geht, gemeinsam einen interessanten Konferenztag abends ausklingen zu lassen. Kontakt: Michael Kröll pepl@cpan.org, irc://irc.perl.org/#austria.pm


Si es tu primera YAPC, no te preocupes!, puedes contactar con nosotros, estaremos encantados de presentarte al resto de mongers y ayudarte en todo lo que necesites.

Si és la teva primera YAPC no pateixis!, pots contactar amb nosaltres, estarem encantats de presentar-te a la resta de mongers i ajudar-te en tot el que necessitis.


Copenhagen Perl Mongers (CPH.PM)

Cph.pm er et netværk af programmører med den ting tilfølles at de alle benytter Perl, i større eller mindre grad. Virker som omdrejningspunkt for en masse forskellige aktiviteter relaterede til programmering og især programmeringssproget Perl.

Cph.pm er en del af community som de verdensdækkende Monger grupper udgør.

De aktiviterer som foreningen indtil videre har praktiseret og vil praktisere i fremtiden kan nævnes:

  • Månedtlige møder
  • Fælles tur til YAPC::Europe (fælles europæisk konference om Perl)
  • Hack-a-thon (intensivt programmerings foretagende omkring fælles projekt)
  • Årlig Perl Workshop

Derudover benyttes foreningens mailingliste, hjemmeside og IRC kanal flittigt til kommunikation omkring aktiviteter og Perl relaterede emner.

Copenhagen Perl Mongers er en broget flok som benytter foreningen til mange forskellige ting, der er plads til alle og man er kun så aktiv som man selv har lyst til.

Copenhagen Perl Mongers bliver drevet af frivillige for frivillige, og hvad der skal ske i foreningen bestemmes i fælleskab af de aktive medlemmer.

-- jonasbn

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