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YAPC::EU 2010 - The Renaissance of Perl




Videos status update

23/08/10 18:39 by peppe

Some random updates about the long and tedious wonderful and exciting video transcoding process.

All available videos from the three small rooms were dumped from the SD cards, transcoded and uploaded on Presenting Perl, YAPC::TV and YouTube (oooh!). Notice that the videos available on each website are not the same, and many YouTube videos lack the description, etc.; these issues will be hopefully resolved in the next few hours.

But what does "available videos" mean? Well, we have a few videos we were not explicitely authorized to publish, but we do not know if the speakers just forgot to sign the authorization papers or they do not want us to publish the videos. We're contacting them and asking them what they want us to do. In case you want to authorize us, please write an email to us. :-) Moreover, we did not upload videos for which a good screencast was provided by the speakers, even if they authorized us (as of now, only Reini Urban's talk on The Perl Compiler, and Tim Bunce's talk about DBDI).

The sad news is that (unfortunately) some videos were lost due to the fact the camera wasn't (re)started after a break! :-(

The list of definitely lost talks (as of now) is:

  • John Scoles - Intro to XS;
  • Steffen Mueller - XS++ - Bonding Perl and C++ with minimal pain‎;
  • Martin Berends - Perl 6 Database Interfacing‎;
  • Tim Bunce - DBDI: A Foundation For Database Access In Perl 6‎ Tim Bunce managed to record a screencast! :-)

The videos from the main room, recorded on almost 25 nice mini-DV cassettes, are still waiting to be dumped due to a major hardware fault (my camera broke!). I hope to get a replacement as soon as possible, then I'll start dumping, transcoding and uploading them. In the meanwhile, enjoy the already uploaded videos ;-)

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