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YAPC::EU 2010 - The Renaissance of Perl




Looks like we have a winner... wait, no, TWO winners!

30/07/10 00:29 by peppe

Ladies and Gentlemen,

do you remember the free YAPC::Europe ticket kindly donated by Shadowcat Systems Ltd? We're glad to announce that Dotan Dimet won the ticket by answering all the questions correctly! Congratulations, Dotan!

Now, you're surely curious to know the correct answers. We said we wanted to make you sweat, and for sure you did :-) Here you have the correct answers to the questions:

  1. Giorgio Vasari; the walkway is the Vasari Corridor (ok, this one was pretty easy);

  2. "Lambda camels", but we would have accepted alternative spellings, as well as the singular form, i.e. the match was something like m/lambda[-\s]?camels?/i; we got some very creative typos here, from "labmdacamel" to "lambdabananacamel"!

  3. ... this was the tricky one: there's no such bridge in Europe! The drawing only resembles the Rialto Bridge in Venice, but for political reasons it doesn't depict any existing bridge. Almost all of you answered "Venice" here, probably because you read too fast this Wikipedia page; nevertheless, it clearly states the bridge is non-existent.

An honourable mention goes to Olivier Mengué who was actually the very first one to answer correctly, but he already bought his ticket so he was disqualified from the contest ;-)



So, congratulations to Dotan Dimet! But... we said two winners, not one. What's going on?

Exonetric decided to join the fun and gave away another free ticket (the third one)! Thank you very much, Exonetric!


Therefore, we decided to award this ticket to the second person who answered all questions correctly: N.I.! Congratulations!

That's all for this year. The quiz fairy will now retire in her Antarctic mansion, waiting for the next YAPC::Europe...

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