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Post-YAPC Contest!

02/09/10 14:45 by peppe

Almost a month has gone by since YAPC::Europe 2010...

You thought all the fun was over? Not at all! Remember the handy booklet we gave you? It contained very valuable information about the conference, as well as some nice Italian recipes!

Since we have some leftovers from the YAPC auction, we decided to open a Cooking contest to assign them! Hooray!


The rules are very simple:

  • Take one of the recipes from the YAPC::Europe booklet, namely: Rag├╣ alla Genovese, Melanzane alla parmigiana, Bruschetta, Cozze gratinate... and cook it at your best!

  • Take some photos (and/or videos and/or any other material) of your dish, of the preparation, of yourself after eating it, etc. Don't be shy, the more you document your chef d'oeuvre, the better!

  • If you miss some ingredients, don't worry, get creative! Changes to the recipes are allowed and encouraged!

  • Deadline for submissions is September, 19th at 23:59 CEST.

We, the YAPC::Europe 2010 organizers, will judge the best submission based on our judgement of your interpretation of the recipe, creativity and presentation. We would really love to taste your cooking, but unfortunately this isn't viable, so we'll just have to trust your words about how well it went!

Judge's decision is at our sole discretion, and is final! The competition is not open to YAPC::EU::2010 organizers.


The top 3 contestants will get a free 1-year VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting with pair Networks as follows:

  • 1st place: pair VQS-3 (market value of 2200$)
  • 2nd place: pair VQS-2 (market value of 1600$)
  • 3rd place: pair VQS-1 (market value of 1000$)
Send your submission to yapc-info@perl.it (no attachments please, upload your material somewhere and send us the link) and... BUON APPETITO!

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